Unmatched service, hands-on approach.

Kolt offers a full suite of property management and condominium management services to property owners and condo boards.

As an industry leader, we successfully manage a diversified portfolio of commercial properties in the GTA.

Our focus is on servicing the diverse communities populating the area, especially those driven to make their entrepreneurial debut, grow their companies and position themselves at the forefront of the marketplace.

At KOLT Management we offer:

KOLT Management is a commercial property management company underscored by unwavering commitment.

Our Offerings

Tenant Screening

KOLT Management offers meticulous tenant screening services, ensuring the perfect alignment between your property and an occupant.

Emergency Maintenance

We offer prompt emergency maintenance for properties, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding assets around the clock.

Rental Collection/Payments

We facilitate seamless rental collection and payment processes for properties, ensuring timely transactions and peace of mind for owners.

Property Inspections

We conduct meticulous commercial property inspections, ensuring each asset meets the highest standards of safety, compliance, and value preservation.

Condo Control Portal

We provide a real-time portal bridging Kolt Management and tenants/condo owners, ensuring instant communication and transparency in all interactions.

Our Misson

Customized management plans that will support the development of your community.

From pre-management planning to post-closing tasks, we will streamline your project from start to finish.

Our team offers complete decision-making transparency, dedicated project management, and experienced leadership to ensure that your development is a success.

When you need advice, information or help with a property, we're always there.

Have a question? Contact us, we’ve got answers.