About Us

Proactive. Strategic. Accountable.

At the forefront of the commercial real estate industry, we’re serious, but we know how to play. We’re smart, market-focused, and we’re always curious.

Our culture thrives on diversity, collaboration, and accountability, empowering us to execute strategic decisions.

Our Mission

KOLT Investments provides the capital know-how across commercial and industrial real estate that defines success through the ever-volatile markets.

Led by our principals, KOLT is guided by a culture of excellence through fundamental research, in-depth market knowledge and off-market opportunities.

Supported by years of experience and a vast network of seasoned professionals, we offer a wealth of knowledge in property and asset management, commercial development and transactions.

Our Value

Our trusted expertise in commercial real estate transforms opportunities into exceptional returns.

We go beyond capital by executing strategic decisions, overcoming challenges, and aligning with our partners to create a predictable investment experience.

As an idea-driven agile work culture, we uncover hard-to-find quality assets that generate alpha returns far exceeding the liquidity tradeoff of public markets.

Our unwavering commitment as both advisors and active investors drives us to deliver outstanding results and provide lasting success for our valued partners.

Year over year portfolio growth.

We proudly deliver best-in-class investment properties and service excellence to our clients. We don’t just talk. We take action.

Dedicated to you, always.

Our strong commitment to creating value, variety and velocity enables us to achieve consistent results for our stakeholders.

a community of informed investors focusing
on reliability, transparency, and trust.

We offer investors portfolio diversification through opportunistic & strategic investments.

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