We empower people to maximize their investments in real estate through innovation and collaboration.

KOLT's trusted expertise in commercial real estate transforms opportunities into exceptional returns.

We go beyond capital by executing strategic decisions, overcoming challenges, and aligning with our partners to create a predictable investment experience.

Inspiring confidence in capital.

Our success is defined by an extensive track record of successfully managing assets, direct investments and joint ventures.

Premiere boutique services.

At KOLT Investments, our highly strategic investment vision allows us to unlock unseen value for partners.

We create
the most
comfortable investment experience
for all our

Year over year portfolio growth.

We proudly deliver best-in-class investment properties and service excellence to our clients. We don’t just talk. We take action.

Dedicated to you, always.

Our strong commitment to creating value, variety and velocity enables us to achieve consistent results for our stakeholders.

We deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns on capital investment opportunities.

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TAKOL Real Estate has now become KOLT Investments
Our team at TAKOL is excited to announce the official rebranding of our company to KOLT Investments. As both TAKOL and the group of KOLT businesses have created value, this rebranding reflects our growth and expanding market position. We want to ensure that the core values inspired by our partners across all of KOLT's diverse businesses continue to shine through. Thanks to our valued partners and stakeholders, this change will establish a natural united platform and help us simplify our services under a new and more far-reaching identity with the same levels of trust, transparency and commitment to success.